The MPACT Class began as a Young Adult Sunday School Class and down through the years after aging beyond the Young Adults age, those who started and later joined decided to remain as a small group. The name was changed from the YAK Class to the MPACT Class. As the name implies, Myers Park ACT, we take in information, embrace the “Every Member has a Ministry” commitment of Myers Park Presbyterian Church,  members then  minister to the world, the community and the church. In addition to  “Outreach”, we also have an “In Reach” effort where we encourage members, visitors to let our class know of concerns and request prayer support. Our ages vary as do our spiritual journeys.

The core purpose of the class is to provide group participation in Bible study and contemporary social issues, bond as a small group, share our journey. Members of the class sometimes lead the discussions and we invite outside speakers to sometimes address contemporary social issues. Our  curriculum is arranged in advance and is published in Newsletter format as well as this blog. This is what makes us unique compared to other MPPC offerings.    

We invite you to join our group as a visitor, meet our members, join in our fellowship and perhaps find a home.

“A Sunday School class without a prospect list is a class that is .. not thinking of others.”

1 thought on “About MPACT

  1. Betsy Johnson

    What a great way to keep up with everyone — Thanks for including us!

    Actually, as one of those older-time MPACT/YAK members, here’s a bit of history… The MPACT name was suggested by a visitor many years ago, after we all agreed we were no longer the Young Adult Class (YAK)! (LOL — we were 40-ish or so at the time!) Anyway, we were discussing this transition in class one Sunday morning. To my knowledge, none of us remembered who that visitor was. However, it was a great suggestion! The name became MPACT, as an acronym for Myers Park Active Christians Today. I love the transition to Myers Park ACT!

    Best wishes to everyone — miss y’all!
    -Betsy Johnson



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